Protester Knocked 20 Feet After Jumping in Front of Fast Car, Shots Fired

During a mob rally labelled as a peaceful protest, several people were chanting and yelling at other pedestrians and at oncoming traffic.

While most of the protesters had enough sense not to walk out into a busy high speed street one guy thought that he was superman. He decided to walk right out in front of a car travelling the speed limit.

In the video a random protester decides to break the law and not only jaywalk, but to come to a complete stop in front of a vehicle, in the dark, while the car was travelling safely down the road.

Now most people have heard of the term jaywalking, which means “to cross or walk in the street or road unlawfully or without regard for approaching traffic”. But for those of you that haven’t, that means don’t walk out in the middle of a busy street or highway or you just might get ran over. And possibly even be sued for damaging the car you decided to jump in front of.

But to further the mobs peaceful unlawful acts they decide to open fire on random people while trying to kill the driver that just had their car destroyed by the intoxicated jaywalker.

According to Vox Tribune, a photojournalist with the St. Louis Post Dispatch named Robert Cohen , reported that protesters were firing randomly in open public in the direction of the traffic.

Trying to stop a car that is driving 35+ miles per hour just by stepping in front of it is not only suicidal, it is asinine. Most people learn this lesson as children. Let’s hope they figured it out now as well.