Principal Fired: You can’t make the students speak english here!

The Hempstead Texas school board voted earlier this week to not renew their current principal’s contract, on the grounds that she attempted to ban speaking Spanish during class.

Principal Amy Lacey has been on paid administrative leave since her November announcement over the school’s PA system, informing the kids that they were no longer allowed to speak Spanish during class time. Hempstead is a town of approximately 6000, with more than a 50% Hispanic student enrollment, located just outside of Houston.

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“People don’t want to speak it no more, and they don’t want to get caught speaking it because they’re going to get in trouble,” sixth-grade student Kiara Lozano told KHOU-TV.

Some students believe the principal’s announcement gave a green light to students, teachers and administrators to discriminate.

“There’s one teacher that said, ‘If you speak Spanish in my class, I’m going to write you up’,” said eighth-grader Tiffani Resurez to the local TV station.

In a written statement, school district spokeswoman Laurie Bettis said the district is committed to “embracing all students of all cultural and diverse backgrounds.”

“The district has received allegations regarding this issue and the district is investigating the matter,” Bettis said. “This is all we can say at this time as there is a pending investigation on this matter.”

Is this occurrence actually discriminating of the students? Or a precaution taken to ensure that each teacher is aware of what’s being said throughout their class periods?