Police Just Killed an Unarmed White Man for Dancing in Public and Noone Seemed to Notice

A police officer in Des Moines, Iowa, killed an unarmed man Tuesday night by firing her gun through the rolled-up window of her patrol car.

Bolinger was taken to Methodist Medical Center, where he died from those injuries.

HuffPost reported Des Moines police killed Ryan Keith Bolinger Tuesday night, the 28-year-old white man was dancing in the street, according to an officer.

Police didn’t find the display funny. In a news conference Wednesday, Des Moines Police Sgt. Jason Halifax said Bolinger had earlier pulled up beside the squad car of an officer who was conducting an unrelated traffic stop, parking his 2000 Lincoln sedan so close that he blocked the police cruiser’s driver’s side door. Bolinger then left his vehicle and danced around before getting back in and driving away.

According to KCCI police said Miller and Lawler are seven-year veterans of the Des Moines Police Department.

Both officers are on administrative leave starting immediately per department protocol. The Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation is assisting in the investigation.

Halifax said Iowa law allows an officer to use deadly force against threats of serious physical harm.

“The decision to use deadly force can take many forms, whether it’s a weapon, whether it’s a vehicle, whether it’s someone’s hand. It all has to do with how an officer is perceiving a situation, what they’re feeling at the time,” said Halifax.

Halifax said the shooting will likely be reviewed by a grand jury, in addition to the department’s own internal investigation.  Police said officer’s dash camera video did record the incident, but that video will not be released until after the investigation is completed.

Police confirmed that Bolinger did not have a weapon.