Pentagon to enlist young illegal aliens into military

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The Washington Times reports that the Pentagon is hoping to be part of the path to citizenship for illegal aliens in this country, and immigrant rights advocates (whatever they are) are fully on board;

Immigrant rights advocates are pleading with the Pentagon to declare “dreamers” to be vital to the national interest, which would allow them to enlist in the military under a special program that grants non-immigrants a quick pathway to citizenship in exchange for years of military service.

Jessica Wright, acting undersecretary for personnel and readiness, said Monday that the Pentagon is in the middle of that review and hopes to complete it by the end of the summer, and is discussing the proposal with the Justice and Homeland Security departments.

“It’s very important to us that we are in concert to things that the White House thinks are very important, and we do too. So we’re looking to move forward on what ‘vital to the national interest’ means,” Ms. Wright said at a hearing in Chicago.

The last time I checked, the military is trying trying to draw down it’s number of troops, tens of thousands are being told to hit the bricks, but for some reason we’re supposed to actively recruit illegal aliens? Something here doesn’t look like the others.

More than 500,000 dreamers have been granted deferred action status, and an estimated 65,000 illegal immigrants graduate from high schools in the U.S. every year, the Defense Department said.

Mr. Durbin said given potential recruiting challenges for the military, the Pentagon could open another pool of applicants if it let dreamers qualify for the national interest exception.

Once they are enlisted in the military, they would have a speedy pathway to citizenship.

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Those “potential recruiting challenges” were created by the Pentagon and politicians in the first place. So I guess they’re saying that their solution for their own mismanagement of the force is to find folks who have lower expectations for compensation for their service. If I was a member of the targeted demographic, I’d be insulted.

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In addition, it makes us look even lazier than we already are by recruiting a mercenary military from non-citizens, widening the gap between those who choose military service as a career and those who wouldn’t touch a uniform if their lives depended upon it.

It looks like another attempt at making the military some sort of social engineering program for the rest of the country. I guess because it doesn’t take much thought to just say “let the Pentagon do it for us” and the Left doesn’t like to put much thought into anything.