Peaceful Islamic Refugees Cut off Mans Ear for Not Being Muslim

Recently, four Syrian Islamic refugees decided to cut off the ear of a 45 year old man for no other reason than not being muslim. During the altercation several other injuries were inflicted. According to a report, 22 stitches in the hospital were needed.

The incident occurred on Thursday evening around 8:45 pm, which ended with the 45-year-old in the hospital.

According to present knowledge, a 27-year-old and her companion (45) were attacked, threatened and assaulted by four initially unknown persons. According to Epoch Times.

 The police reported that the four young Syrian asylum seekers (21, 17, 17, 15) attacked the victim at the underpass between Salvador Allende Street and Paul Bertz Street.
 The victim alleges to remember being called an infidel as the attack occurred.
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