Parents Turn Their 4-Yr-Old Adopted Son Into A Girl


While the Left and the “you must accept this” crowd constantly cram “tolerance” down our throats, it seems that some people are very happy about the idea and they are taking advantage of the “progressive” movement.

Hopping on the bandwagon is a set of parents who have decided to take advantage of it all.

Parents have now adopted a son and have effectively brainwashed their prepubescent adopted son into a transgender mindset.

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Amazingly, Keat (formerly Keaton) Rhodes, a 9-year-old boy from Ohio has “identified” himself as a girl since the very young age of just 4. The boy’s adoptive parents, Emily and Clint LeVan, claim that their child has already begun his gender transformation.

Since the age of four the boy has been groomed into a mindset of being a girl. Now, several years before puberrty, he has started to undergo a life altering transformation.

The LeVan’s claim that Keat knew of his “issues” from just four years old. No mention of these “issues” arose until after Keaton and his brother, Blaine, came to live with their new family.

According to Emily, “we noticed very early on that he was different to his brother. While Blaine preferred playing with trucks and cars, Keat liked dolls. At school he liked playing dress up with the princess dresses.”

So, due to the fact of a little boy playing with a doll, these liberal progressive parents have decided that he must be “reassigned” a new gender. They don’t seem to care if several other boys have played with a doll just to have fun and still grown up to be a regular man. They insist on changing their adopted son into a little girl.

One can’t help but to wonder about the mental issues the child will endure when he gets older and starts thinking for himself.

At least the parents did talk to a therapist, as well as a psychiatrist, due to the fact their family doctor said they should schedule an appointment. According to both doctors, they had diagnosed him with what they were calling, “gender identity disorder,” at just 7-years-old.

After grooming him from the age of 4 to the age of 7, which is almost half the boys life, it is easily understandable that the child would have some issues.

Emily, the adoptive mother, insists, “It seemed strange that a child so young would be so sure about something like this,” but both doctors were adamant that Keat’s mindset was, “unwavering, consistent and persistent.” Since that time, both Keat’s parents have been completely supportive of the diagnosis and have already begun Keat’s transformation.

Emily also noted that Keat looks like a girl, but that’s about it. In just a few short months, Keat will go to see a endocrinologist who will discuss, and inject him with, testosterone blockers when he starts puberty. From there, Keat will be dosed with frequent hormones at just 15 that will allow him to develop breasts but will ultimately make him infertile.

Is it just me, or does this seem wrong?