Obama to Be Given ANOTHER Nobel Peace Prize

The Norwegian Nobel Committee, based in Oslo Norway, announced yesterday the name of their laureate for the 2015 Nobel Prize for Peace.

According to USA Today Obama is their selection for this years prestigious award. It’a amazing how easy it is to get a Nobel Peace prize these days. If you are the president then you can basically do nothing but release a few terrorists and start a few wars, then Hooray! Nobel Peace prize here we come!

With the Nobel Institutes selection, Obama becomes the third man ever to win a Nobel Prize more than one time. He joins legendary physicist John Bardeen and brilliant chemist Fredrick Sanger, who were each awarded two Nobels in their respective fields.

Obama’s first Nobel Peace Prize was awarded by the committee shortly after he took office in 2009. Viewed as contentious at the time, his selection as a laureate was described by the committee as being due to his creation in international politics of a new political climate which emphasized multilateralism and his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.

Of course several strong objections were raised at the time by many who were critical of the Nobel Committee’s choice of Barack Obama. I mean hey, seriously, he has started more wars than he has stopped. USA Today continued:

Many argued that his selection so soon after having ascended to the Presidency was a political handout from the Norwegians.

He had not been in a position to effect international diplomacy for any measurable time.

Nor had he actually accomplished any action of note that had led to the spread of international peace. It seemed that he had been selected for no other reason than that he was elected to the Presidency.

Fast forward to the year 2015 and the Nobel Committee has once again selected Obama, though this time he has had ample time and opportunity to make his mark upon the world stage. The Nobel Committee cited three separate contributing factors which led to their choice of President Obama a second time.

The first was his for his leadership in brokering a diplomatic solution to the disarmament of chemical weapons in Syria. The second was for his commitment to draw down the military presence of The United States in foreign countries, most notably Afghanistan and Iraq and grant terrorists their freedom to kill more Americans and Christians overseas.

The third was for dumping the constitution and supporting the United Nations and international law. Specifically his commitment to the U.N Assembly to move aggressively forward on U.N. resolution 21 and provide support for UNODA.

The peace prize will be awarded to Obama on October the tenth of this year at the Nobel Institute’s Oslo headquarters. President Obama has expressed his gratitude to the Nobel Committee for their consideration of him as a laureate. He has subsequently pledged to donate the cash portion of the annual Nobel Prize to several charities that serve the domestic United States.

What do you think of this act? Does the constant granting of the Nobel Peace prize to a man that doesn’t really seem to deserve it make the prize seem less relevant? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.