Obama Says Most Black People Don’t Use Racism as an Excuse


In an article published by The Washington Times called “Obama: Most black people don’t use racism as an excuse“, Barack Obama takes a moment to explain to the “racist” American people his views on a topic Al Sharpton loves to exploit.

Before flying off to Hawaii for a two-week vacation, President Obama said Friday that most blacks understand America’s history of slavery and segregation isn’t an excuse for their current challenges.

Obama continues to try and convince America that black people don’t scream racism or use slavery as a crutch.

“This is a legacy of a troubled racial past, Jim Crow and slavery,” Mr. Obama said. “That’s not an excuse for black folks, and I think the overall majority of black people understand it’s not an excuse.”

But right after Obama says that most black people don’t use racism as an excuse, he says that even though they try, they start off behind because of their race.

“They’re working hard. They’re out there hustling and trying to get an education, trying to send their kids to college. But, you know, they’re starting behind oftentimes in the race.”

Obama referred to the civil unrest in black communities over the refusal of grand juries to indict white police officers for the deaths of unarmed black criminals in Ferguson, Missouri, and in New York City, saying “how we’re thinking about race relations right now has been colored” by those events.

Obama said he’s hopeful that a task force he appointed will come up with concrete solutions in 90 days to improve relations between police departments and “minority communities”.

“If you offer practical solutions, I think people wanna fix these problems,” he said. “This isn’t a situation where people feel good seeing somebody choked and die. I think that troubles everybody.”

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