New Facebook Mobile App Will Now Record And Listen To All Background Noises From Your Device


Facebook has officially gone too far, and there needs to be a mass revolt against the proposed mobile app update. Could it be any more obvious that they, like Google, are working for the NSA to gather information on American citizens for the storage in the Utah Data Center?

The largest stream of income that Facebook has is mobile ad revenue, and there is no better way to send them a message by deleting the app and cutting off that flow of money. Simply not installing the update is not nearly strong enough a message.

Yahoo News: Facebook recently rolled out a new feature that’s leaving some users speechless and others running to sign a petition to have it removed, reports.

When enabled by users, the social network’s new quirk allows its mobile app to turn on your smartphone’s microphone, listen in on what’s around you. Facebook identifies the music or TV shows it hears, and can tell the world you’re currently “Listening to Iggy Azalea” if it hears you bumping “Fancy.”

The opt-in feature has many users creeped out. More than half a million have flocked to sign a petition to have the new gimmick axed from the app.

” Tell Facebook not to release its creepy and dangerous new app feature that listens to users’ surroundings and conversations,” the petition urges. ” Facebook says it’ll be responsible with this feature, but we know we can’t trust it.”

At a time when privacy concerns run rampant Facebook’s new feature seems to go against the trend. In May Microsoft announced you’ll be able to buy an Xbox One without the similarly creepy always-on Kinect watching and listening to your every move.

The petition is a little less than 200,000 signatures away from its goal: 750,000. Perhaps if it reaches that mark Facebook will actually listen to its users. 

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