MUST SHARE! Facebook Has Removed The Famous American White History Month. Why?…

history month

Facebook has yet again targeted another page by removing it with no explanation. The ever popular American White History Month 2, with almost half a million likes, has been removed with no reason given.

What did they post? Nothing offensive (unless you are a liberal). They were pro gun and pro America. They would share stories like “This day in history” and post political stuff to keep people up to date with what is going on in the world.

They have started a new page now American White History Month 3 , which you can go check out.

The thing that is amazing is that while they remove a page (probably for having white in the title) for no reason, other pages like Black History , Daily Black History Facts , Mexican Pride , I’m Proud Asian and several more still are allowed.

You can like their new page by going HERE

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