Muslims Brutally WHIP an innocent Captive on VIDEO for the crime of not Being a Muslim

A group of muslims in Saudi Arabia capture and bind up a man from Pakistan and then brutally whip him for the crime of not being a muslim.

In the video they demand he convert as they lash him repeatedly with whips.

The moderate Islamic captors take turns violently beating the man for no other reason than disagreeing with sharia law.

During the horrendous video of the beating you can hear the Pakistan man beg and plead for mercy, but the moderate muslims refuse to let up.

The Islamic men that are doing the beating use sharia law to justify the torture of the innocent man.

As they take turns whipping the non muslim you can hear some in the background laugh with delight.

What do you think about public whippings of non muslims, smokers and pretty much everyone else?

Some say this guy was one of the lucky ones since he got to keep his head. Possibly because he converted to stop the pain.

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