Muslims BAN Snowmen Because They Promote “Lustiness and Eroticism”


A prominent Islamic cleric has declared a new religious law that was issued recently forbidding citizens to build any form of snowmen, citing them to be “anti-Islamic.”

The ruling came about when the cleric, Sheikh Mohammed Saleh al-Munajjid, was asked on a religious website if it was alright for fathers to build snowmen with their children following a snowstorm in the country’s northern region.

The islamic cleric replied: “It is not permitted to make a statue out of snow, even by way of play and fun.”

“It is imitating the infidels, it promotes lustiness and eroticism,” he added.

He also cited a quote from a Muslim scholar as the basis for his ruling, claiming that building a snowman would be building the image of a human being, which is strictly forbidden in the kingdom according to the rules of Sunni Islam.

“God has given people space to make whatever they want which does not have a soul, including trees, ships, fruits, buildings and so on,” al-Munajjid wrote.

Saudi Arabia is the second hottest country in the world, with temperatures topping 54 degrees Celsius in the summer.

Snow is a rare occurrence among its desert strewn landscape but in recent days freezing temperatures have swept across the region and led to snow showers allowing anti-islamic snowmen to be built in the northern border region.

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