Muslim Tortures And Brutally Murders 10-Year-Old Daughter in The Name of Allah


A “peaceful moderate muslim” recently admitted to the gruesome torture and murder of his 10-year-old daughter. His reason was that the 10-year-old child “confessed” to committing adultery.

The child was killed for bringing dishonor to the family and the muslim conducted an “honor killing” in which a father slayed his daughter. This is just one of the most common types of killings under Sharia law.

“We found a video clip in his mobile phone asking his daughter to confess to her mistake. The girl was bleeding and crying,”  Colonel Mohammad Qassem Al Hadi, the director of Dhamar’s Criminal Investigation Department, said.

An official told Gulf News that the father used different methods of torture to force her into admitting having sex with another man, including putting an iron to her skin.

During the investigation, the man admitted that he threw his daughter off a cliff in the Samara Mountains in Ibb province after severely beating her.

“The father divorced his wife six years ago. He has two daughters and usually spends time moving from one country to another,” Al Hadi said.

The graphic photo of the dead girl sparked outrage on social media and local media outlets with some people demanding the execution of the father.

The Muslim father reportedly admitted that he’d used different methods of torture before he forced his 10 year old daughter to say she’d had sexual intercourse with a man.

Then, he admitted to beating her again before shooting her four times and throwing her body off of a cliff near the Samara Mountains.

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