Muslim Slaps Asian Lady, Asian Lady Turns into Female Bruce Lee, Caught on Video

As we all know, cultures are different, and a guy from one culture that goes up to a woman from another should expect her to act like the lady she is.

In today’s story a muslim guy approaches a lady trying to force her to come with him. Maybe he wants to dance, or , maybe he just thinks she is a female and has to do what he says.

Little does he know that unlike in his culture, where she is from they sometimes learn to fight. And fight well I might add.

In the video the guy comes up to her and repeatedly grabs at her, even after she refuses to be his puppet.

She refuses to submit to his will and it angers him that she has a mind of her own.

That’s when he slapped her.

While she didn’t break loose in the preying mantis style, as you can see, there were some high flying kicks and punches landed from this well prepared female.

The lady was unavailable for comment, and of course the guy did’t want this known at all.

But just maybe, if this goes viral, the asian female could just land the next spot in a Jackie Chan or Jet Li film. I believe I would go watch it.

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