Mother With Gun Protects Her Children From Violent Home Invaders

good guy with gun

(WXYZ) – A Detroit mother opened fire Monday night when three suspects broke into her home. 

A surveillance camera caught three thugs trying to rob the home tape.

The mother told 7 Action News that she “didn’t have time to get scared.” When she heard the door to her home on Woodrow Wilson being kicked in, she immediately warned the three intruders that she had a gun. 

 The mom said “I let them know I had a gun once they were in the house. They said no you don’t so I shot off the first round. I wasn’t feeling anything at the moment, I got scared afterwards.”

One of the teens dropped a handgun on his way out the door. He then tried to get back inside the house a second time, but was again met with gunfire. Once again, he took off and all three were arrested shortly after the incident by Detroit Police.

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