Mother in High Speed Chase JUMPS OUT leaving her 2 month old baby behind to Drive

A North Carolina mother jumped out of a moving car while being chased by the police, leaving her 2-month-old child behind inside the car.

Fox8 news reported that Jessica Joyner is in custody after being involved in a high speed chase which started because she was wanted for owning back child support.

Luckily her child is safe.

Authorities said the mother jumped from a moving vehicle during a chase with deputies and took off into the woods.

Joyner jumped out of the vehicle during the chase while the car was still moving and took off into the woods.

Her 2-month-old baby, Gabriel Thomas, was left behind in the car as it was flying down the road.

Thankfully the 2-month-old was safely taken from the car after it came to a stop and is in the custody of Department of Social Services.

According to WITN Joyner faces nine charges at this time:

-two counts of possession of a firearm by a felon
-five different failure to appear charges
-resisting a public officer
-nonsupport of child

Joyner was originally wanted for owing back child support.

Her “Ricky Bobby” type adventure caused her to receive the other charges on the list.

WITN said she was featured earlier this week on social media by the sheriff’s office.

She was jailed under a $250,000 secured bond.

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