Morgan Freeman’s Comments on Racism and Black History Month is Making Liberals Heads Explode

During an interview the famous actor Morgan Freeman was asked a simple question on his thoughts about black history month.

His response was awesome!

He responded in a way that if any other race would have said it they would have automatically been publicly crucified and labeled as a racist by the liberal media.

During an interview with Mike Wallace for television’s 60 Minutes news magazine program, the Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman said he found the concept of Black History Month to be “ridiculous” and said the way to get rid of racism was to “stop talking about it.”

What are your thoughts on “black history month”? he was asked.

“Ridiculous” Freeman responded. “You’re going to relegate my history to a month?”

The stunned commentator stuttered a little in shock.

Then Morgan Freeman continued and asked him “when is white history month”?

The commentator ducked and dogged and finally tried to squirm away by saying “I’m Jewish” hoping to avoid any political correctness laws he might break.

Yet still Morgan Freeman gave Mr. Wallace a little lesson on something people today like to say as “All Lives Matter”.

Why does one group need to get a month but others not only don’t get a month, but are verbally stoned and attacked at the mention of the thought.

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