Four Counties in Alabama Have More Active Voters Than Adult Residents


Four Alabama counties have been found to have more voters than residents. Surprisingly (or maybe not too surprising) all for counties won the democratic vote in the 2012 Obama/Romney election.

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In Lowndes, Greene, Macon and Wilcox Counties, the numbers of active voters are actually higher than the numbers of adults who reside there. See the charts:

alabama 2


A lot of factors are at play here with these numbers, such as under-reporting by the Census and duplicate registrations at public assistance offices, which are required to offer people that enroll the chance to sign up to vote.

If someone registers more than once with a different name spelling or date of birth, it often slips by unnoticed.

These issues are not limited to Alabama and are common throughout the country. They create ample opportunity for voter fraud, especially in states that do not require voters to show identification.

Fortunately for Alabama, they recently passed a voter ID law, and as that law goes into effect this year, it is very likely that we’ll see the above numbers improve.


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