Mob of Thugs Brutally Attack 51 Year Old Man Caught on Tape – SHARE to help find the suspects

In a shocking act of violence, a gang of hoodlums randomly attacked a 51 year old male.

Surveillance video captured several people brutally attacking the 51-year-old man at a gas station in Olney on Tuesday.

It happened around 6:50 p.m. in the 5500 block of North 5th Street.

The video shows a group of men and women getting out of a gray minivan with various weapons, including a hammer, mace, and piece of wood.

According to ABC news, two people were arrested and several others are being sought in connection to a brutal attack on the homeless man.

Police say it all began when a 10-year-old boy told his mother that he got into an argument with the man over who was going to pump a customers’ gas for spare change.

The surveillance video shows the child’s mother 34-year-old Aleathea Gillard and several other people getting out of a gray minivan.

The video shows the group pummeling the victim with various weapons including a hammer and other objects as he lay unconscious, bleeding from the head.

Before leaving it appears one of the suspects took the boy over to get a look at what they did to the victim.

“The male right now is not doing that great, he’s in critical condition. We’re not sure if he’s gonna make it or not and It’s very tragic,” said Capt. Malachi Jones, Philadelphia Police.

As it turns out, police say one of the suspects, 24-year-old Shareena Joachim, accidentally maced one of her co-horts and decided to drive to Einstein Medical Center to have her eyes flushed out.Gillard and Joachim were arrested.

Both are facing charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault and related offenses.

Authorities say surveillance video shows no evidence that the 51-year-old victim ever struck the boy.

Police have also recovered the car in question.