Military Dad’s Dance Off Video with His Daughter Goes Viral

Video has captured the moment that a retired US Marine and his daughter performed a choreographed dance to hits including Can’t Touch This and Gangnam Style at her birthday party.

The clip sees ex-serviceman Leonardo Cortinas, dressed in military uniform, getting down to a medley of hip-hop songs alongside his daughter, whose wearing a Princess Jasmine style dress.

His daughter – who is actually called Jasmine – planned out the moves herself and she and her father practiced for three weeks before the party. 

According to the Daily Mail, Jasmine, of Houston said: ‘I wanted to do the surprise father-daughter dance because I didn’t want to be like all of the other quinceaneras.

‘I wanted people to remember my 15th birthday and not just think of it as another party where they got free food or entertainment. I wanted it to be memorable for everyone – not just me.

Mr Cortinas said the dance was a fun way to show his daughter how much he loved her.

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