Meet Grandpa’s Gun – Thug Shot Trying to Rob 71 Year Old


Northwest Dallas – Mike Angel Carmillio allegedly targeted an elderly couple as they exited a grocery store on Tuesday night, according to YoungCons. The robber grabbed the woman’s gold necklace and knocked her to the ground.

Then the 71-year-old concealed handgun carrier Ronnie Lummus pulled out his weapon and fired to defend himself and his wife, later telling officers he feared the man would hurt them.

The robber tried to escape in his car, but died before he could.

Around 7:20 p.m. on Oct. 28, police were called to the Aldi Grocery Store at 3128 Forest Lane. While husband Ronnie Lummus and his wife were leaving the store, 36-year-old Mike Angel Carmillio approached them and grabbed a necklace off the woman’s neck.

Police say Carmillio then reportedly knocked the woman to the ground and attempted to rob her.

Witness Yadira Juarez was standing nearby.

“She was really shaken up,” Juarez said. “She was shaking and scared.”

Lummus, who has a concealed handgun permit, pulled out his gun and fired several shots, hitting Carmillio as he was trying to get away in a vehicle.

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