Man Sentenced to 14 Years for “Breaking Bad” Style Murder

breaking bad

SPOKANE, Wash.— A judge sent a Spokane County man to prison for 14 years on Friday for a “Breaking Bad” style murder that left a woman’s body in a tub of acid.

The judge sentenced Jason Hart to 171.5 months as part of a plea deal which was reached in September for second-degree murder. During the plea deal hearing, both sides recommended the 14 year sentence.

Hart strangled his girlfriend, Regan Jolley, in 2013 and then put her body in a tub of water and acid at a Nine Mile Falls home. The body disposal was similar to a killing featured in the hit show Breaking Bad. Investigators found a DVD of the show Breaking Bad in his home cued up to an episode in which a similar killing takes place.

Jolley’s family addressed Hart in court during his Friday sentencing. Her aunt forgave Hart but said he had more rights than he ever gave Jolley.

“When you took Regan’s life, Jason, you destroyed her dreams, as well as her mother’s dreams and her little boy’s dreams,” said her aunt Jeanie Dobson.

However, she went on to call the sentencing unfair. She said she still cannot understand why others have gotten longer sentences for less violent crimes.

“I don’t understand the sentencing that you’re getting, things aren’t fair, but then life isn’t fair,” said Dobson.

In September, Jolley’s family told KREM 2 News they think the 14 year recommended sentence is nowhere near what he should face in prison. They said “the justice system is out of whack.”

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