Man Arrested For Firing Warning Shot at 9 Men Threatening to Rape His Fiancee

warning shot

A West Virginia Sunday School teacher was walking home after church when he and his fiancée were surrounded by a group of nine men who began making threats.

Chris and his fiancee were approached and circled by the nine men inwhich one of who was armed with a knife

Finally, Harris, not wanting to have to shoot anybody, retrieved the gun from his fiancee who had the gun and fired a warning shot, prompting the men to flee.

Police arrived and handcuffed Harris and charged him with wanton endangerment for firing a gun in a public place.

Both Chris and his fiancée called this experience the scariest moment of their lives. Feeling their lives were threatened, Chris used the legal gun to fire a warning shot.

“It was one of the most scariest experiences I have ever been through,” Roxby told WTOV Television.

“They surrounded me saying they were going to rape my wife in front of me, cut me.” Harris said.

The police officers didn’t follow the gang of 9 and instead arrested one of the victims.

Harris is now free on bond, but he should never have been arrested.

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