Watch – Man vs 4 Cops – Verbal Smack Down – FIGHT!

In the following video an individual just hanging out at home is approached by 4 (or more) police officers from his home town.

The reason the cops are there is uncertain. What is certain is at the time the home owner didn’t have any outstanding warrants that the cops were aware off. If so, they wouldn’t have listened to the following:

The video has been making rounds on facebook.

“It’s amazing how well versed in the law a person can be when they have an 8 ball and an ounce in the top drawer” one facebook user posted.

Other users had mixed feelings on the incident. One user posted:

“The cops should have arrested the guy for public stupidity” a facebook user posted.

While another seemed to be on the guys side:

“He schooled them good. I wish everyone was more informed on their rights” they wrote.

There really isn’t one right or wrong response on the topic. Let us know how you feel in the comment section below.