Liberals Vow to Cut Their P+n!s off in Public If Trump Builds Wall, Video

Two students, Seth Greenberg and Jakob Connulson, at The University of California stated that they would publicly remove their penis’ if Trump enforced the existing USA-Mexico border wall according to a news report.

Apparently, Greenberg and Connulson are members of a private campus group known as the “Open Borders Friends,” described by one source as being a group of radical students who don’t believe in the validity of Sovereign states.

Now in a continuance of this trend, 4 more students at the University of Washington have also promised to remove pieces of their reproductive anatomy if Trump builds the wall.

Washington Sophomore Trent Griliphaen said he was inspired by the movement at The University of California.

“I think that Trump’s construction of the wall is just an extension of his penis, and an expression of Patriarchal rape culture. Really, by building the wall, we are raping the Mexican people, and I am no longer willing to be a perpetrator of rape culture. If I remove my penis, I am making a statement that I reject this mentality.” Trent Grilphaen said.

Griliphaen was apparently the first student at UW to embrace this movement, and according to him, he has inspired three other male students to emasculate themselves, in public, when construction of the new border wall commences.

“I heard about what was happening in California, and new that this kind of movement could gain traction up here – we are a progressive state. I kind of feel guilty, I’m removing my penis, but one of the other guys is going to castrate himself, and he’s even considering taking off a couple of fingers” stated Seth Griliphaen, who is one of the founders of the movement.

In a recent Open Borders Friends assembly, Greenberg invited other members to join him in taking a pledge to join him in the “cut off” movement.

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