Liberals Throw Eggs at Guy on Video Because He Wants to Help the Homeless

Yesterday, a peaceful Trump supporter decided he wanted to do something good. So he made a sign that said “help the homeless” and decided to go encourage others to help homeless vets and other people.

To his surprise he was met with hate and violence from several members of the democratic party.

As the guy that wanted to help people stood there with his sign that only said “help the homeless” he was repeatedly attacked by vicious liberals who continuously threw raw eggs towards his head.

The man who was peacefully trying to show support for the homeless was forced to use his sign as a shield to block the unwanted attacks.

I just can’t understand the logic behind the hateful demonstration that people in the democratic party show towards fellow Americans.

If this peaceful sign holding guy were to get an egg and throw it and hit one of them they would most definitely try to fight the guy, but since they are liberals they are above the law and are better than everyone else. Or it would seem to be their way of thinking.

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