Liberals Make a Shocking New Book for your Kids to Read! – It gets worse

Just when you think that liberals can’t get any worse, they surprise you with something so outlandishly crazy that you can’t help but to hope that it isn’t real.

In a new book called “Do you want to play with my balls” you will see the attack on our youth that is now being promoted.

Here is how the book starts:

Hey Louie! Do you want to play with my balls?

Sure Chuck! I can hold your ball sack so it won’t drag on the ground.

Wow! Your balls are so big, I can’t even fit them in my mouth!

My mom’s always yelling, “Louie! Get those balls out of your mouth before you choke!”

You know that mean girl Sally?

She squeezed my balls so hard they looked funny.

Yeah, well when I play with Sally … I always end up with blue balls.

Billy Johnson made Sally cry last week. Now that kid’s got balls!

What type of books do you want promoted to your children at school, and who knows where else?

Have you ever seen this book or a book similar to this?

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