Liberal Says We Shouldn’t Prosecute Sexual Predators… if They are Black


Judith Levine, who contributes to liberal media outlets like AARPSalon and the New York Times, published a piece in the radical CounterPunch magazine in which she argues that we should not prosecute young males who commit sexual assault if they are  black.

While writing an article concerning the Sayreville hazing incident, Levine does like most liberals, she says some completely idiotic things.

During the Sayreville incident seven black students sexually assaulted their younger teammates in what can best be described as “locker-room butt play”. According to the Star-Ledger, the minority students involved in the sexual assault are all to be tried as juveniles.

Shockingly, Judith disagrees with not only the sexual predators being tried as a juvenile, but she claims that they should not be tried at all. Why? Because they are black.

“If it’s true that all seven of the football players arrested for hazing in the Sayreville, New Jersey, War Memorial High School locker room are students of color, that is one more reason not to prosecute them as sexual felons.” Judith says.

“I don’t mean not to prosecute them in adult court. I mean not to prosecute them at all.”

“If they’re guilty, they should be disciplined by the school, kicked off the Bombers team, and held accountable to their victims by making amends in words and deeds.”

Judith goes on to explain how they should drop all sexual assault charges and make the sexual predators say “sorry”, then to do a little community service work.

She feels that to find a criminal guilty of their crime is far more life-crushing than being punched, kicked, groped, or having unwanted fingers inching into your anus.

“But the punishment the state will mete out far outweighs the transgression. For kids who are 15 to 17 years old, it will be life crushing.”

“Yes, more life-crushing even than being punched, kicked, groped, or subject to an unwanted finger inching into your anus.” Judith Levine wrote.

Judith continues her defense of not only these sexual predators, but all perverts around America.

“There are 785,000 Americans on the sex offender registries, all but banished from society. These people may have committed a vicious rape at gunpoint or urinated on a tree. Or chatted online with a federal agent masquerading as a teenage girl.”

“Or pressed a finger into a clothed anus.”

Judith Levine then goes on to question if the legal system should continue to lock people up if they are black, or “brown skinned”. In her defense to allow a free pass to anyone that is black, or brown, she claims that the prison system is already flooded with “black and brown kids”, so we shouldn’t lock up any other “black or brown kids” regardless of their sexual crimes.

“And in a nation already overflowing with prisoners both juvenile and adult, the vast majority of them black and brown, do we need to lock up more black and brown kids?” Judith wrote.

Judith Levine ends her article by saying “The sex offender regime is cruel and unusual punishment, excessive even for people who have committed heinous crimes.

For these teenagers, whose “sex crimes” were to grab some ass and maybe stick a finger up that ass, it is a massively disproportionate penalty – a life sentence, before their adult lives have begun.”

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