Liberal Nurse Running Fever Outraged Over “Bigoted” Ebola Test


An Ebola nurse, Kaci Hickox, and the liberals rallying around her insisting that her words must be accepted without question, are now complaining about being subject to the horrid ebola screening after being in contact with the virus.

The Washington Times asked the question “When did Ebola turn into a Left vs. Right political cage match? “

No surprises that liberals would look for any excuse to scream “SHUT UP!” at people they don’t like. This all began as a spat between Ms. Hickox and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who insisted Ms. Hickox be placed in mandatory quarantine after she returned from treating Ebola victims in West Africa.

Of course, liberals are happy to have an excuse to beat up a Republican governor, especially one with a confrontational style who might have presidential aspirations

Ms. Hickox was running a fever when she was ushered into quarantine. She was tested with a forehead thermometer – the very same test the CDC has been assuring us, for most of the past year, would be our front line of defense against Ebola carriers arriving at airports.

Later she was tested again, and it turned out the original reading of a fever was inaccurate. Hickox claims her body temperature read high because she was upset and flushed during the test.

“Why the heck is an Ebola nurse who works for the CDC upset by the test she had to know was coming?” Rusty Humphries from the Washington Times wrote.

According to The Christian Science Monitor, a liberal state judge in Maine has sided with nurse Kaci Hickox and rejected a request by state officials to keep the spread of the virus under control by restricting her movements out of caution over her recent exposure to the Ebola virus while treating patients in West Africa.

Chief District Court Judge Charles LaVerdiere had been asked to order Ms. Hickox to comply with the demands of state health officials, including banning her from public transportation, movie theaters, and crowded shopping areas.

“The state has not met its burden at this time to prove by clear and convincing evidence that limiting [Hickox’s] movements to the degree requested is necessary to protect other individuals from the dangers of infection,” the judge wrote.

The media also relayed her false claims about the horrors of her quarantine in New Jersey without noting that she was clearly exaggerating the story.

“To quarantine everyone, in case, you know, when you cannot predict who may develop Ebola or not, and to make me stay for 21 days, to not be with my family, to put me through this emotional and physical stress, is completely unacceptable.” Kaci Hickox said

She added, “I feel like my basic human rights have been violated.”

State authorities quietly pointed out that she had access to food, entertainment, and the Internet that she claimed not to have. The media ignored that so the country got a fake story about a “brave liberal woman” humiliated by wrapping her in plastic and stuffing her in a closet.

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