Liberal Con-Artist Fakes a Coma for 2 Years Taking Tax Payers Money


Police in South Wales say 47-year-old Alan Knight—who had also been illegally living off benefits by pretending to be a quadriplegic—had spent about three years conning his neighborout of $65,000 when he came up on their radar.

He told authorities he had injured his spine in a garage door accident, paralyzing him from the neck down and causing seizures that occasionally put him into a coma. His wife played along with the charade, “caring” for him at the hospital and pushing his wheelchair into court.

The liberal con artist, who pretended to be in a coma every time he wanted to get out of court, apparently managed to keep the charade going for more than two years.

The con man was busted though after he was caught on CCTV shopping in TESCO and driving his car. 

Police tried twice to bring him into court, but both times he checked himself into the hospital claiming his condition had worsened.

Problem is, while he was in a “coma” he was spotted by doctors eating, wiping his face and even writing. 

When he finally showed up for court, he was wearing a neckbrace while seating in a wheelchair pushed by his wife. 

Knight has cost police, the healthcare system and the court system thousands of dollars. He admitted to 19 separate charges of forgery, fraud and theft and will be sentenced next month.

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