Lesbian Mayor Rules That All Bathrooms Are Now Unisex


Well, this seems a bit extreme. According to reports, the mayor of Houston recently announced that anyone of any sex is allowed to go into any bathroom, thanks to newly passed legislation.

That means that regardless of “gender, gender identity, gender confusion, gender expression, or any other predilection of gender behavior”, the signs on the bathroom mean virtually nothing.

That’s right. A 40 year old man can walk right into the bathroom and “whip it out” right in front of your 12 year old daughter now thanks to the new so called “gay rights equality” movement, and you have to accept it.

They say the goal is to bring “equality”, but isn’t there also something to be said about privacy? Will a woman really feel comfortable going to the bathroom with a man in the next stall and visa versa?

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According to Mayor Annise Parker, passing the legislation is the “most personally meaningful thing [she] I will ever do as mayor.”

Apparently, Parker hasn’t accomplished much. And one can’t help but wonder whether she is actually fueling her own agenda at the price of safety and privacy.

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