Lawmaker Warns Common Core Will Turn Children Homosexual

common core has homosexual agenda

Over the past few months, the new U.S. education standard known as the “Common Core” has attracted its fair share of negative attention by opponents.

ABC news reported that Florida Republican State Rep. Charles Van Zant took the Common Core critique to a new level by claiming that the educational initiative promoted by the Obama administration will turn your children homosexual.

Van Zant made the comments at an Orlando education conference back in March, but the video of his remarks went viral on Tuesday. Van Zant told his audience that the American Institutes for Research (AIR), that implements the Common Core in Florida, “will promote double-mindedness in state education and attract every one of your children to become as homosexual as they possibly can.”

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“Please go on their website, click the link to what they’re doing with youth and you will see what their agenda really is,” Van Zant implored his audience. “They are promoting as hard as they can any youth that is interested in the LGBT agenda.”

Van Zant added, “I’m sorry to report that to you, but you need to know.”

Van Zant is hardly the only vocal critic of the education initiative. Conservative radio host Glenn Beck recently called the Common Core “evil” and equated the standards with “slavery”, saying that “if you can no longer critically think, then they can do whatever they want. I mean, this is slavery, they are breeding an entire new generation of slaves.”

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