It’s like a Sci-Fi movie — Middle Aged Americans are Disappearing by the Dozens.

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On Oct. 12th, Katharine Adams, 50, walked out of her West Village home, leaving behind her keys, cellphone and watch. never to be seen again.

January 2014, Wall Street Journal reporter David Bird, 55, took a quick walk without his cell phone or ID, never to be seen again.

These are just two of the many that are joining the dozens upon dozens of middle aged people who’ve gone missing in the New York/New Jersey area in the last two year alone.

But where do we hear these stories? Buried in an entertainment article over at NY Daily News. The article is quoted saying:


“It’s like a Sci-Fi movie — middle aged people are disappearing in the New York/New Jersey area by the dozens”.

The disturbing news, found buried between pop culture stories about Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber, reports that “dozens upon dozens” of middle-age people are simply vanishing without a trace in the NY/NJ area.

In some cases family members claim they cannot even get a call back from the police missing persons bureau.

“Even if someone wanted to disappear in 2014, it’s nearly impossible. How the hell are all these people vanishing without a trace?” Linda Stasi of the NY Daily News asked.

According to CBS, a New York medical examiner’s office held a ‘Missing Persons Day’ at the 26th Street and First Avenue location this past Saturday  from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

“We look every day for these individuals,” Mark Desire said, a forensic scientist and DNA expert with the ME’s office.

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