ISIS Video Appears to Show Child Soldier Executing Two Men


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Video released shows Jihadi trained youngster supposedly executing two Russian hostages held by ISIS

The video opens with what ISIS presents as confessions — each of the two men telling an off-camera interviewer that he is a spy for the Russian intelligence service.

It is unknown whether the prisoners were forced to confess. Later, in a barren field, the video shows an adult ISIS fighter next to a boy, who steps forward and executes the men.

The video, published by the media arm of ISIS, includes a warning that the militants will show spies no mercy.


The video shows the “evolution of his radicalization and desensitization to violence,” Flashpoint said in a report.

NBC News reported, ISIS recruits boys and stages camps to train them as soldiers. They are used as human shields, suicide bombers and enforcers. ISIS boasts of its little fighters in videos with titles such as “Cubs of the Islamic State.”

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