ISIS Terrorist Says Even STINKY BLACK POOR FOLKS Can Go To “Allah’s Heaven”


In a Friday sermon delivered in Maarat Al-Nu’man, Syria, the ISIS terrorist Sheik Abdallah bin Muhammad Al-Muhayseni cited several hadiths glorifying martyrdom.

Al-Muhayseni said that the Prophet Muhammad had promised a fighter that even though he was black, smelled bad, and had no money, he would go to Paradise if he was martyred.

A black man came to see the Prophet Muhammad in one of his raids, and asked him: “What will I get if I fight those people with you?” The Prophet Muhammad said to him: “You will go to Paradise.” The man said “Oh Prophet of Allah, I am black, I smell bad, and I have no money. If I am killed, will I still go to Paradise?” The Prophet Muhammad said: “Yes. I swear by Allah.” Then the man said: “Allah will surely witness what I will do.”

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