Insane, Undercover Cops Jump and Brutally Beat Under-aged Kid


Cell-phone video captures the moment seventeen-year old Brady Becker is beaten by a plain clothes police officer in a Jefferson Parish parking lot last week.

The incident starting when Becker and a large group of friends began screaming expletive’s towards police, according to Fox news.

Becker and his friends say that’s when two men walked up to them, pushed Becker to the ground and began hitting him.

The teen says the men never told him they were detectives, or that one of them was attempting to arrest him.

But a report by the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office claims that’s a lie, and Becker refused to follow orders and began hitting the detective.

After beating him, the cops charged Becker with inciting a riot, resisting an officer, battery on a police officer and possessing alcohol under the age of 21.

He was released from jail over the weekend on a $3,000 bond.

But now he and his family are demanding answers to why such excessive force was used against an underage teen.

So far the sheriff’s department says they have no plans to investigate the incident.

The incident has caused widespread criticism in the community against police.

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