Illuminati Final Move – A New Device Has Been Unleashed To Take Over Our Minds, and Someone Who Has Lived It! (Brand New Shocking Video!)


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Published on Jul 18, 2014

This video shows how the Illuminati came to power and when. It documents their rise and will reveal their last and final Move to take over the entire World. This is a warning to all. It has arrived and is now going to be placed with all the World population.



Some people call them the elite, others call them Freemasons and Luciferians—no matter what you call them, they are the Illuminati!  The Illuminati hate God and everything about God because they are Satanists, Luciferians, occultists!  They seek out to destroy everything that is of God in order to push their evil agenda which willl lead to the rise of the Antichrist!


The above video gives you some important facts and details about the Illuminati—who they are, how the came about, and what their agenda is.


WHO CONTROLs the ILLUMINATI The Highest Seat in the WORLD



Illuminati Initiation Ritual Revealed: Candidate Ordered to Kill Another Man Who Betrayed His Oath



Listen to someone who has lived it in case you don’t believe it!


Ex Cia Covert Op Tells Secrets About NWO/Illuminati–Shortly after this interview was KILLED!



Satanic-Illuminati Ritual Abuse



IMPORTANT NOTE: I do not necessarily agree with all of this gentleman’s ‘spiritual’ views. As most of you know, I am a Spirit filled follower of Christ. However, I am posting this video because he discusses the illuminati and had very close ties with them, being that it was in his family.


Just because I post a video that has to do with a post I make does not necessarily mean I agree with everything in it. Rather, I am showing you something in the video in relation to the topic being discussed.  I am able to speak with people and listen to videos and find the good stuff and dismiss the garbage.  Furthermore, although I am also a researcher and post many opinionated topics, I am also a journalist and from time to time post about things that are out there in the world that I may or may not agree with.


YouTube Commentary:


Jay Parker was born into a multi-generational Satanic/Illuminati family and received MONARCH trauma-based mind-control as a child. For the first seven years of his life, Jay was subject to Satanic Ritual Abuse in a large cult setting. Jay speaks on recovery and healing methods for Satanic Ritual Abuse survivors. He discusses in detail neurological and biological discoveries related to ritual abuse. Jay reveals a specialized holistic approach for SRA healing.


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