How to Save America for Dummies

How to Save America for Dummies (i.e.: the GOP leadership)
By: Edward Richardson, April 4, 2015

So you don’t get bored and move on to another article, I am going to dispense with the lead-in discussion of WHY we need to save America and get right to the steps that need to be taken to restore our republican form of government to the constraints, principles and moral values that our founders used to create America:

Step 1:
Find ONE CONSERVATIVE man who UNDERSTANDS the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution NEED to be the FOUNDATION of our country and is HONEST and has the integrity and moral convictions to STAY HONEST even when tempted by those who WILL try to corrupt him. Why a man? Because there is still much of the leadership of all of the OTHER countries in this world who will NEVER respect a woman as the leader of any country. I am not saying that there is not a woman out there who could qualify for and do the job. It is just that this is not the time to have that discussion or to try and prove to the rest of the world that a woman could do it. We do not have the time to embark on that demonstration.

Step 2:
Create a platform for him to run on that unapologetically embraces the inalienability of the rights that are endowed upon us by our Creator. That clarifies for the world that, while we do believe that every person possesses these same rights, America can only guarantee those rights for its own citizens. If citizens of other countries want to exercise their rights they must put a system in place in their own country that will allow them to do so, just as we did when we founded America.

Other issues that the platform must reflect are:

a. The embracing of only the highest of moral values. Values that nurture the importance of the traditional family and basic decency.

b. A commitment to restoring our national sovereignty by establishing secure borders and identifying, locating, apprehending and deporting ANYONE who has entered our country uninvited.

c. Establishing an immigration system that only lets in a limited number of carefully selected individuals that can prove that they will embrace OUR values and ASSIMILATE to our AMERICAN culture and not further “Balkanize” our country. Our immigration system needs to encourage foreigners NOT to come here to escape their problems at home, but, to STAY HOME and FIX those problems.

d. That America NEEDS a military so strong that no one in the world dares to threaten us, our people or our way of life.

e. The federal tax system must be replaced. The fairest way to do that is with a FLAT tax that taxes all of everyone’s income that is above a basic subsistent level. That subsistence level should be set for each individual so that a family of 5 gets 5 times the level of a single individual. It should also incorporate an incentive for traditional families that encourages marriage and 2 parent households.

The corporate tax rate needs to be set at the same level as the individual tax rate to encourage companies to invest in growing OUR economy and bringing jobs back home. There needs to be a tax rate for all non-citizens that ensures that they do not become a burden on America’s social welfare system. No foreigner should be eligible for Social Security benefits or tax credits or breaks given to citizens.

f. The federal government needs to be removed from interfering with things that the STATES should be handling. The Department of Education should only be an advisory council. The same should apply to the Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, the Department of Agriculture, Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Energy. (I could list others but I’ve made my point).

g. There are other agencies that just need to go away such as the Import/Export Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank (the Department of the Treasury should control our currency) and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to name a few.

h. The platform needs to include the fact that ALL “Executive Orders” previously issued will be rescinded and that ALL FUTURE executive orders will either be in the public domain or, if classified, that they will be subject to review by both the Senate and the House Intelligence AND Oversight Committees.

i. Healthcare need to be handled by the states. The federal Department of Health and Human Services should also be an advisory committee.

j. Our candidate needs to insist on legislation that requires ALL regulations issued by ANY federal agency to be reviewed and approved by whatever legislative committee originated the legislation on which they are based.

k. We need to also insist that both the House and the Senate immediately adopt rules that require ALL pending legislation to be published in its final form for 7 days before a vote can be taken and once published NO further amendments or changes can be made to that legislation. If a piece of legislation contains classified material, that material MUST be reviewed and its classification approved by BOTH the House and Senate Intelligence and Oversight committees before it can become a part of the bill in question.

Step 3:
Immediately place ALL of the party’s resources behind the selected candidate to ensure that the vote for him is not diluted by infighting between various other possible candidates. Other candidates need to be encouraged to back the Party’s candidate and to publicly endorse him.

No Presidential election should be about ONE INDIVIDUAL. It needs to be about a set of policies, an effective leader and a pre-selected team of potential cabinet members. If the GOP can present a cohesive policy, platform and approach to getting our country back on track, the BASE will vote to make it happen, but, if they continue to spout their politically correct, wishy-washy politi-speak that always leaves ROOM to “fine-tune” to even REVERSE their message, then the GOP (and America) will LOSE!

The American people are ready for BOLD and CLEAR leadership. We are SICK AND TIRED of “NUANCED” so-called leaders who try to tell us that we are wrong to STAND on PRINCIPLES and HIGH MORAL VALUES, that we need to be TOLERANT and INCLUSIVE and that they KNOW BETTER than we do how this country should be run. Being “tolerant” and “inclusive” should not mean abandoning the moral values and principles that have allowed us to become the GREATEST beacon of liberty and freedom in the world.

We have PROVED that a GOOD and MORAL people CAN rule THEMSELVES and have become an example for all the people of the world to follow, but, “We the People…” CREATED this country and “…when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.” (Declaration of Independence, 1776).

Now, if we can do this at the ballot box, GREAT, but, when the ballot box fails…REVOLUTION becomes the ONLY POSSIBLE SOLUTION.