Homosexuality and Anti-Christian Messages Hidden In Cartoons?

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Do you feel that some cartoons may have a hidden agenda? Some people seem to think so.

Several people have mentioned before about the fact of liberal based messages hidden in cartoons to target the children. Before you say yes or no, let us take a look at two different cartoon movies and you can decide for yourself.

First off, we will look at the movie “Shark Tale”. At a glance, Shark Tale is a 2004 American computer-animated comedy. It tells the story of a young fish named Oscar (voiced by Will Smith) who falsely claims to have killed the son of a shark mob boss to win favour with the mob boss’ enemies and advance his own community standing.

If you watch the movie, it also has another story line about ” Lenny”, who is a great white shark, and the son of the great white sharks “mob boss”. In the movie Lenny starts off feeling different than the other sharks. He is a vegetarian, yet he is scared to tell his father of who he is. He ends up fleeing from his family after the death of his brother, and is afraid to return because he feels his father will not accept him for who he is.

Lenny and Oscar end up becoming friends and Lenny finally “comes out” as a vegetarian to Oscar telling him he has never admitted it to anyone before and that he is afraid of the judgment of others for being a vegetarian.

happy feet

Near the end of the movie Lenny dresses up like a “dolphin” as him and Oscar go back to Lennys dad to save one of Oscars friends. When Lenny’s dad realizes who he is he gets extremely angry saying “not only did you kill my one son, you turned my other son into a dolphin”.

After everything is said and done at the end, Oscar tells Lenny’s father that his oldest sons death was an accident and that he needs to accept Lenny for who he is and not “judge him” for being a vegetarian. If you have watched the movie before, or will ever watch it in the future, replace the word “vegetarian” with homosexual throughout the movie and see if this is true.



Another cartoon movie that has been noticed to have a “theme” to it is Happy Feet. In Happy Feet they have Elder penguins that seem to have a strong religious tone about them with overbearing judgment towards a penguin named Mumble. Mumble is a penguin that loves to dance and has thoughts about life outside of their penguin habitat. The elders are appalled by Mumble’s conduct through out the movie. 

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Mumble ends up getting captured by humans and ends up coming back to the habitat and his actions save the day. But, one can’t help but to notice the way the elder penguins demand they stay true to the penguin god and not fall for Mumble’s tricks.

This movie in part does not need a lot of explaining for one to see the idea that is hidden in it. Watch the movie for yourself and make your own mind up about it. Everyone may have a difference of opinion on the issues of the movies. Let us know about your thoughts on these movies. Also, do you know of any other movies that you feel have some type of “hidden agenda”? If so, comment below and let us know.


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