HILARIOUS! Watching this Guy on a Roller Coaster Ride will Make you LOL

Is this guy serious? Did he actually fight the air?

Most people that have been to a fair or some other place that has roller coaster rides have probably came across a ride or two that made them feel a little nervous or even scared.

While not everyone reacts the same to a ride that they are scared of , not many ever respond the way this guy did.


On a ride that looks to be named “Sling Shot” this guy and the female he referred to as “Ashley” both get ready for the ride of their life.

But only one of them while “cry like a little girl”.

Watch the video:

Can someone explain what he was doing when his arms started swinging around while he was calling for his mommy?

Maybe it was him fighting the air or possibly trying to grab hold of something for his safety.

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