Here’s a List of Rules from The Islamic State – Oh, and They are Hiring


A publication of ISIS administrative documents by reporter Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi has recently been released.

His publication provides an archive of similar translated ISIS documents focused on education, public services and religious life.

The first three on the list labelled Specimen A, Specimen B, and Specinem C, seemed basic. They talked about childbirth, telephone lines, and fishing rules.

Specimen J and Specimen K even had job listings for those of you that are looking for a job.

But before you grab your fishing rod and job resume, you should make sure you read Specimen M, which is a must read for all females as well as males with female relatives.

Specimen P where you must disavow everything that contravenes the religion of Islam and a few extra commitments that should be read.

Specimen S which is a must read for all Christian.

And Specimen X which pretty much bans all electric devices like your new Apple Iphone and your cars GPS system due to the war.

Be sure not to miss reading the list of crimes punishable by death listed at the bottom!

Specimen A: Childbirth Operations in Deir az-Zor Province

Islamic State
State of the Caliphate
Wilayat al-Kheir
Medical Administration

In view of what the land is going through from difficult circumstances including the debilitation of souls from the exploitation of their Muslim brothers, in order to assist the believers from the sons of Islam who are working in the medical corps to support their brothers from the poor and others besides them from the Muslim populace, and with the desire to keep the course of medical work removed from arbitrary whim, the Diwan al-Siha [health administration/department], after consideration and examination of medical work in the field concerning women [gynaecology etc.] has decided on the following:

1. Fixing of the price of Caesarean childbirth operations to 15000 Syrian pounds.
2. Fixing of the price of normal childbirth operations to 10500 Syrian pounds.
3. This includes keeping the child in the hospital for 12 hours after birth only.

Note: This is to be considered as tantamount to a written order and all who contravene it will be held accountable in the Dar al-Qaḍa [IS judiciary] with attendant consquence.

2 Muharram 1436 AH
26 October 2014

General Medical Official

Specimen B: Landline Telephone Subscriptions in Deir az-Zor Province

Islamic State
Wilayat al-Kheir

Islamic Administration for Public Services

Phone connection: Number 035
Date: 14/11 [14 November 2014].

The sum receipt has been completed: 400 Syrian pounds [per month]*
And that is to meet support for connections’ services.
Name of subscriber: …
Subscriber’s number: …
Register’s number

[Signatures]: Office official; Service official

NB: For comparison, landline subscriptions according to Northern Storm’s spokesman [Azaz area] cost $2 a month (around 365 Syrian pounds). The landline subscription generally only works for local landline connections.

Specimen C: Fishing Regulations (Agricultural Department): Deir az-Zor Province Decision

As a result of the lack of oversight over the abundance of fish, paucity of awareness, and the greed and ambition of some of the fishermen and their audacity in carrying out fishing in ways that are illegal and harmful to the life of the people, the fish and the river environment.

The Islamic State has decided on the following:

1. The use of electric current in hunting fish is forbidden because it leads to extermination of many river/water creatures as well as congenital disfigurement for small fish and other river creatures.

2. No fishing with use of explosive materials, dynamite and the like.

3. No fishing with use of toxins and other chemical substances because that leads to the death of all the creatures of fish and others besides them, as well as poisoning people who obtain food from them.

4. No fishing at a time of proliferation of the fish and river/water creatures because that leads to the prevention of the proliferation of the fish and the killing of their eggs, which constitutes a threat to the abundance of fish.

We ask all who come upon this decision to be bound by it for it is in the interest of the Islamic State and the Muslims in the totality.


Specimen J: Employment Opportunities with the Diwan al-Zakat in Raqqa Province

Islamic State
Diwan al-Zakat
Centre of Wilayat al-Raqqa


The Diwan al-Zakat- cenre of Wilayat al-Raqqa- announces the holding of a hiring campaign for those with the following qualifications in ‘Ilm [knowledge]:

1. Qualification in Shari’a sciences
2. Qualification in economics- specialty (accountancy, management, computer and information system)
3. Secondary business institute
4. Secondary education in business
5. General secondary education in its two divisions of sciences and humanities
6. Preparatory education

And that is to appoint them as employees according to their specialties in the Zakat Centre in Wilayat al-Raqqa and the division offices affiliated with it. Those who wish to apply for the campaign should go and register with the Zakat Centre- City Office- within the ten days from this date.

Wednesday 11 Sufr 1436 AH
3 December 2014
Official of the Diwan al-Zakat: Wilayat al-Raqqa

Specimen K: Employment Opportunities with Diwan al-Hisbah, Raqqa Province

Islamic State
Wilayat al-Raqqa
Hisbah Centre
Oversight and Inspections Office

The Hisbah Centre- Oversight and Inspections Office- announces its need to appoint civilian employees according to the following specialties:

1. Veterinary doctor
2. Assistant veterinary doctor
3. Office administration
4. Accountant
5. Guard
6. Health inspector
7. Butcher for cutting the throat (dhibah)
8. Butcher
9. Cleaning work

Those who wish to be appointed as employees should go and register with the Oversight and Inspections Office…Registration begins on Tuesday, 4 November 2014, and ends on Tuesday, 11 November 2014.

Oversight and Inspections Office

Specimen M: On Movement of Women and the Garages: Raqqa Province

Islamic State
Diwan al-Hisbah
Wilayat al-Raqqa

Statement for distribution on the matter of Travelling Women and the Garages [area of Raqqa]


Indeed it is from the door of cooperation on the basis of piety and awareness of God and by which God has ordered us to safeguard the safety of the religion of the women and cultivate their religious and worldy interests, and it is for the abundance of inquiries about some of the reprehensible acts and manner of dealing with them especially on the issue of women travelling without a mahrim [close male relativ], and after the holding of a meeting by the supervisor of Hisbah in the centre for the city with the amir of Hisbah in Wilayat al-Raqqa and with the Shari’a supervisor and by the agreement of the amir of the city, especially on some of the reprehensible acts on the issue of women travelling without a mahrim, we publicize the following:

– Women may not leave the province without a mahrim unless they have a transit document from Hisbah and an ID photo with seal of approval from the Hisbah office in Karajat.

– It is absolutely forbidden for women to travel to the land of kufr [disbelief]- except for serious medical conditions and by decision of the general hospital with seal of approval from the amir of the hospital.

– Women aged 50 and above are allowed to travel to the lands of the Islamic State without a mahrim.

– Women younger than 50 are allowed to travel to the lands of the Islamic State with a mahrim.

– Elderly women are not pressured on the issue of the hijab.

– If the travelling woman has her son with her, of competent, distinguished mind, he can be considered a mahrim for her.

– Every Muslim who does not have ID proof must go to the centres of the Islamic police to be given the document of ID proof.

– To all checkpoints and offices of the garages, the populace of the Muslims are not to be allowed to pass except after bringing forth the document of personal ID proof from the centres of the Islamic police for those who don’t have family IDs/cards or something to prove their identities.

– Buses- coaches- must not allow passengers to get on or off outside the garage for whatever reason.

Anyone who contravenes these instructions from coaches, offices and passengers will subject himself to the necessary consequence and inquiry.

Hisbah supervisor in Raqqa city.
Abu Talha the Kuwaiti.

Islamic State
Hisbah Admin
Raqqa Centre.

Specimen P: Affirmation of faith (al-Bab: Aleppo Province): May 2014

Diwan Khidamat al-Muslimeen in al-Bab, Aleppo province.

Islamic State in Iraq and al-Sham [preceding Caliphate announcement]
Wilayat Halab: al-Bab Area
Diwan Khidamat al-Muslimeen *Diwan al-Awqaf


God- Almighty and Exalted is He- has said: “An example of merit has been for you in Ibrahim and those with him when they said to their people: ‘We disavow you and what you worship besides God, we have declare you to be disbelievers and thus have enmity and hatred begun between us and you forever until you believe in God alone.”

And the one upon whom be prayers and peace has said: “Whoever has said there is no deity but God and has declared to be disbelief what is worshipped besides God has entrusted his property, blood and reckoning to God”- narrated by [Sahih] Muslim.


I affirm and so with all power of my mind and definitive belief without any pressure or compulsion:

1. I disavow to God every religion that contravenes the religion of Islam
2. I disavow to God every guidance that contravenes the guidance of the Prophet- may prayers and peace be upon him.
3. I declare to be disbelief every idolatrous tyrant that worships beside God and at the head of these idolatrous tyrants Bashar ‘al-Assad’ and those like him from the idolatrous tyrants of the Arabs and non-Arabs as well as their soldiers and those who are loyal to them.
4. I disavow to God the Sufis and their beliefs as well as their imams, at the head of whom are Ibn Araby, al-Sha’arani and al-Nabahani.
5. I affirm that I embrace what has been ascribed to the Prophet (PBUH) with the understanding of the Companions- may God be pleased with them.
6. I affirm that the uprightness of this religion in ‘a Book [Qur’an] guides and a sword gives victory.’
7. I affirm embrace of the clear guidance of the Prophet from the obligation of the beard and not letting the clothes drop [below the ankles].
8. I affirm that I bear the result of any contravention of the above from the consequences according to Shari’a.

And God is witness to what I say.

I the affirmer:
First witness:
Second witness:
Official for the Diwan al-Awqaf

Specimen S: Ultimatum for the Christians of Mosul

Islamic State
Diwan al-Qaḍa
19 Ramadan 1435 AH
17 July 2014


God Almighty says: “And when a community of them said: ‘Why do you warn a people whom God is going to destroy or punish severely?’ They said: ‘To be absolved before your Lord and perhaps they will beware of Him.”- Qur’an 7:164.

After informing the heads of the Christians and their followers of the appointment for a meeting to affirm their status in the shadow of the state of the Caliphate in Wilayat Ninawa, they avoided it and failed to attend on the intended appointment…and it had been decided that we offer them one of these three choices:

1. Islam
2. Dhimmi pact (and it is taking the jizya from them)- [cf. Qur’an 9:29]
3. If they refuse that, only the sword for them.

But The Commander of the Believers- Caliph Ibrahim- may God make him mighty- has given them the blessing of allowing them to get themselves out of the borders of the state of the Caliphate at the latest by Saturday 21 Ramadan 1435 AH at noon. After this, there is only the sword between us and them.


Diwan al-Qaḍa
Wilayat Ninawa

Specimen X: General Notification: Ban on GPS and Apple devices

Islamic State
General [Supervisory] Committee
No. 17
21/2/1436 AH [c. 14 December 2014]


Statement for distribution

To all the wilayats, diwans, committees and central joints in the Islamic State:

In accordance with the demands of the public interest and to protect the souls of the soldiers of the Islamic State and their possessions in the shadow of the fierce Crusader campaign against the state of the Caliphate, and in order to shut one of the doors of penetration the enemy uses to attain its goals and strike with exactness by means of its war and remote-guided aircraft, it has been decided to forbid the use of any electronic device or a system that has access to service to enable precise location of positions (GPS).

Technician brothers have been appointed in every wilaya to block this service and remove it from mobiles and tablet computers completely, so we ask the soldiers of the Islamic State to take the initiative to remove it from their devices with a deadline of one month from the publication of this statement for distribution in the provinces, and after that any electronic device with access to GPS will be confiscated, and the owner will be questioned as to his lack of obeying order and exposing his brothers to veritable danger.

Let it be known that this statement for distribution does not include connection devices that are products of the Apple network, since the use of devices of this network- from phones and tablet computers- will be completely banned on account of the risks they create.

General Supervisory Committee


1. Whoever blasphemes against God- blessed and Almighty is He- belittles His exaltedness or says something of Him not befitting Him.

2. Whoever blasphemes the Prophet- prayers and peace be upon him- belittles his place or says something of him not befitting him.

This is so and the punishment will be implemented on the one proven guilty of that by judicial means in the Square of the Martyr (as reckon him) Abu al-Sa’ad al-Maghrebi at the Cultural Centre.

Death for adulterous virgins, homosexuals, and foreign spies.

Blasphemy against God: Almighty and Exalted is HeDeath
Blasphemy against the Messenger [PBUH]Death even if he repents
Blasphemy against the religionDeath
Adultery1. Stoning to death for the chaste2. 100 lashes & banishment for a year for the unchaste
HomosexualityDeath for the penetrator and receiver
TheftCutting off the hand
Drinking wine [alcohol]80 lashes
Calumny80 lashes
Spying for the interests of the disbelieversDeath
Apostasy from IslamDeath
Highway criminality1. Killing and taking wealth: death and crucifixion2. Killing: death3. Taking wealth: Cut off the right hand and left foot4. Terrorizing the people: banishment.from the land

As for the women, there is a  complete ban on unveiling, as well as the wearing of tight trousers and cloaks, and the adorning of oneself and imitation of kafir [disbelieving] women.

And any woman who contravenes this statement for distribution will expose herself to the severest consequences.

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