Guy Arrested for Child Porn asks for “Pedophile Rehab”, says “They’re only kids I didn’t know”

A Daytona Beach man, Ronald Lynn, 52, was arrested for what he called an “addiction to liking kids.”

According to police seized computers, DVDs, CDs, a camera and several other items from Lynn’s home.

On one of the hard drives seized, had an estimated 150 suspected videos.

The police went to Lynn’s home on June 29, where he let them in and answered several questions about the file-sharing programs he’s used.

Review Journal reported that the police said Lynn admitted that he had downloaded and viewed it on numerous occasions and that he shared those files with other users on peer-to-peer file-sharing.

“The child p0rn I was downloading was only of kids I didn’t know. None of them are real,” Lynn reportedly told officers as he was being escorted through the department.

“I don’t make my own videos, I promise. Maybe we can work this out since they are not local girls.”

While being escorted through the station police heard Lynn continue to plead his case,

“I’m sorry, but it’s an addiction no different than being a drunk or a drug-addict.

Can you just take me to pedophile rehab instead of putting me in jail? I’m really sorry about this.”

Lynn is charged with two counts of promotion of sexual performance by a child and 18 counts of possession of photos of sexual performance by a child. His bond was set at $210,000.

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