Google Introduces App that Translates Foreign Languages in Real Time

Google has bought the popular iOS and Android visual translation app Word Lens to “incorporate [the] technology into Google Translate’s broad language coverage”, according to a statement on Quest Visual’s website.

In 2010 Quest Visual debuted a little app called Word Lens. The app translated a number of different languages in real time using just the smartphone’s camera.

When traveling in a foreign country, Word Lens users would simply hold the phone up to a sign and the camera would immediately translate it.

Currently, users can translate between English and Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Russian, and Spanish.

With Word Lens, iPhone users can translate the world. Apple even featured the app in its recent “Powerful” television ad for the iPhone 5s, and it’s obvious why.

The app itself is free to download from the App Store for both the iPhone and iPad.

It doesn’t require a connection to the internet, which is another benefit for business travelers.

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