FORGET GUN CONTROL! – Liberals Now want DISHWASHER Control

The federal government is now preparing to force America to use dishwashers that don’t wash, a move that government and industry forecasts agree will harm both consumers and the dishwasher industry.

According to The New American the Obama administration claims that these regulations will benefit the environment and stave off the supposed threat of climate change.

This is actually the second round of dishwasher regulations issued by the Obama Department of Energy (DOE).

The first, in 2012, added $44 to the cost of the average machine, according to DOE estimates.

The new regulations, which would require energy usage to drop another 24 percent and water usage to fall 38 percent, will pile on an additional $99, the DOE says.

Reuters reported that the industry claims Obama’s energy-efficiency standards for dishwashers proposed by the US Department of Energy would turn “back the clock to the days of hand-washing dishes.”

The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) has spoken out against the Department of Energy’s proposal for energy and water cuts associated with residential dishwashing machines.

The proposed standards could mean that more than 70 percent of dishwasher owners “could actually experience a net financial loss when purchasing a product that meets the proposed levels,” according to AHAM’s analysis.

“The benefit to the environment does not justify the additional cost to consumers and manufacturers,” said AHAM.