eating out

Even going out to eat or sitting down to drink a cup of coffee is considered racist.

A group of protesters spent mid-Sunday morning interrupting a variety of New York City restaurants by reading off the names of black Americans who had been killed by police.

They tweeted pictures of the people that they were annoying and posted them to twitter with the hash tag “black brunch NYC”.

Liberals and others took to the internet to let the world know just how racist white people are to even think about going out to eat or get coffee.


We all know that every time a white person eats, a black man dies.


But is this their real goal? Bully people?


But at least some tried to justify their anit-white actions by saying since a cop arrested a black person or harassed someone, then it’s a free ticket to blame white people.


Others are calling for the mass genocide of white people like they are currently doing in South Africa.


But at least this guy tried to take the opportunity to try and make money.


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