Dylann Roof went to Court and wanted to Plead Guilty, But the Government wouldn’t let him

The accused, Dylann Roof, was seen in shackles and gray striped prison garb at his first appearance at the US District Court in Charleston since his federal indictment on July 22.

Entering the court room Dylann Roof was ready to plead guilty, but the judge refused to let him plead guilty, and instead entered a plea of “not guilty” on his behalf.

ABC news reported in a story titled “Accused Charleston shooter Dylan Roof pleads not guilty to church massacre” that Dylann Roof didn’t plead not guilty, but rather they refused his plea of guilt and said he plead not guilty.

Defense lawyer David Bruck said Roof was ready to plead guilty, but federal prosecutors have yet to declare if they would seek the death penalty.

Entering the courts Roofs lawyer said that he was ready to plead guilty.

The federal prosecutors said that they were unsure about the death penalty for Roof and therefore Roof was unable to plead guilty.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Bristow Marchant then entered a not guilty plea for Roof, 21, who faces federal charges including hate crimes, weapons charges and obstructing the practice of religion.

Appearing in court in a gray striped prison jumpsuit, his hands in shackles, Roof answered yes several times in response to the judge’s questions but otherwise didn’t speak.

Why put off his plea of guilt if he was ready to plead guilty? Do they want him to go to trial so that the masses will try to riot like all the other times people riot?

According to CNN, a grand jury indicted Roof on 33 counts, including federal hate crime and firearms charges, in the shooting that killed nine people.

“The process has started. This is a long journey, but we are committed to the task to make sure justice is done,” Emanuel’s interim pastor Norvel Goff told reporters outside the court.

Dylann Roof, 21, already faces a number of state charges in the shooting.

Roof also faces hate crime charges in Charleston shooting. South Carolina, however, doesn’t have a hate crime law.

If he’s found guilty of the federal charges, Roof faces life imprisonment or the death penalty, but federal prosecutors said they haven’t decided on whether to seek the death penalty.