Disgusting Gang of Thugs are running around Robbing and Raping People

Police are looking for a gang of men who’ve been robbing and raping people in Detroit.

My Fox Philly reported that investigators say what is so disturbing about these instances is that none of the victims were alone when they were attacked.

“It’s beyond outrage, it’s just flat-out pissed off,” said Zeek of community group New Era Detroit.

A 22-year-old man and 21-year-old woman were confronted by a group of six men who forced them behind a building, Fitzgerald said.

The victims were robbed and stripped of their clothes and the man was also forced to watch the woman be sexually assaulted by the group, Fitzgerald said.

It happened again to another man and woman less than two hours later in the 13000 block of McNichols near the Lodge freeway.

Click on Detroit reported that Detroiters like Shenika Cheney and Zeek are outraged

“These are people that are harming women, children and people,” Zeek said. “This could be your momma, this could be your auntie, your sister. So that no talk stuff is out the window right now.”

Police believe the same men responsible for the attacks on McNichols may have raped and robbed another couple in the 17100 block of Pierson that’s near McNichols and Grand River.

The second incident mirrored the first, and involved a 19-year-old woman and 21-year-old man. They were also forced behind a building and the woman was sexually assaulted, Fitzgerald said.

The victims have all been treated at a hospital.

This is another reason people should not only own a gun, but carry it as well.