How to Detect Eye Cancer Using Your Smart Phone

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An aunt saved her little nephew’s life after she noticed a strange glow in his eyes in a photo the child’s mom took for a baby modelling agency.

The mom, Tina Treadwell, was taking photos of her one-year-old son to send to a few modelling agencies.

When Tina’s sister Geraldine saw the photos she noticed an unusual glow in his eyes. Geraldine diagnosed it as a sign of retinoblastoma – an aggressive, deadly eye cancer.

This type grows quickly, but if it’s detected early it can save the child’s life and possibly prevent the removal of the eye.

Childhood Eye Cancer Trust has launched a campaign to show that flash photography is one of the easiest ways to spot the early stages of retinoblastoma.

When a child has their photo taken with a smartphone or camera using a flash, a white pupil can appear in the child’s eye in the image, caused by a tumour which reflects back a white pupil.

The cancer, which develops in the retinal cells, is fast growing and detection can save the child’s life and possibly prevent removal of the eye.

The campaign aims to show parents how to use their smartphone and other methods to help spot the warning signs.

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