Democrats Call This 4th of July Float Racist

obama float

The Nebraska Democratic Party is calling a Fourth of July parade float that poked fun at President Obama the “worst shows of racism and disrespect” for the president in state history.

A float featured at the annual Independence Day parade in Norfolk depicted a figure resembling Mr. Obama standing outside an outhouse, which was labeled the “Obama Presidential Library.” Neither the float nor the truck pulling the float identified a sponsor,” the Omaha World-Herald reported.

A photo of the display went viral on social media, receiving positive and negative feedback.

Glory Kathurima said she was offended by the float, emailing Mayor Sue Fuchtman, the Chamber of Commerce, the Norfolk Daily News and the Norfolk Odd Fellows Lodge, which coordinated the parade, to voice her disapproval, the World-Herald reported.

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The only people that seem to bring up the “race card” is the left.