Democrat says He Will Grant Clemency To a MASS MURDERER If Not Re-elected


If Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper (D) is not re-elected in November, he says he “could” respond to the loss by commuting the death sentence of mass shooter Nathan Dunlap Complete Colorado reports.

Dunlap is the murderer who shot 5 and killed 4 at an Aurora Chuck E. Cheese in 1993. He was angered over being fired, and Denver Magazine 5280 reports that Dunlap was at his girlfriend’s apartment having sex with her when the police tracked him down “only…a few hours” after the shootings.

In August, Complete Colorado published audio of Democrat Hickenlooper telling a CNN interviewer that if his gubernatorial opponent ran and won on a platform of enforcing the death penalty there are still things “a governor can [do]” with the time that remains. Things he can do in the “period of time between the election…and the end of the year.”


When pressed to explain this statement, Hickenlooper said that if his Republican opponent wins in November, “there obviously remedies that the governor can do, you know, I could give it full clemency between election day and the end of the year.” 

He said would have “a number of different opportunities” to be sure Dunlap wasn’t executed.

Gov. Hickenlooper advocated the punishment of law-abiding citizens with gun control over the attacks on the Aurora movie theater and Sandy Hook Elementary, even though the law-abiding citizens weren’t involved in either attack.

But when face-to-face with carrying out the sentence against a criminal convicted of a mass shooting in 1993, Hickenlooper balked and suggested he will go so far as to grant full clemency to the shooter if the people of Colorado vote for someone else in November.

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